Thoughts on what is normal

Thoughts on what is normal

I'm back from a week in West Virginia which started as a visit to see how my dad was doing after his recent heart attack and then quickly turned into what Carolyn, the lovely lady who was taking care of him, calls an "adult panties" event. His health quickly declined and we decided that Hospice care was required and then two days later he passed in his sleep.

I'm wanting to do a proper post about my dad soon, to be honest I'm still dealing with all of the "adult panties" required activities that being the executor of his will requires -- also I'm just not handling it well so i'm not handling it at all :/

Normal used to be me watching multiple online feeds and streams, clucking and shaking my head at the silliness and absurdity of how folks act, and working on keeping my small part of the internets sane and comfortable for others.

In the part of West Virginia where my dad retired you are lucky to get cell coverage at all. My carrier plan had me roaming so data coverage was not found. My dad also didn't need or want wireless so his fast internet-via-cable was useless.

This meant that I spent my week away from tech and the subsequent turmoil and/or drama -- something which I (re)discovered was very calming ... except for what I was having to do :/

I'm extremely grateful for the family that adopted my dad and then myself and my brother as they were so warm and thoughtful and caring the entire time, hugs and pokes to Carolyn, Brad, Jennifer, Sam, Jesse and Jessica.

I'm already missing them mightily and we are all missing my dad terribly.

I'm glad I was able to be there for his birthday and give him a big hug and say that I loved him.