IndieWeb 2016 Commitment Completed

This holiday break I settled on a couple of items for my IndieWeb 2016 Commitment but it seems that the gods were yet again quirky and I ended up being sick or out-of-sorts for the holidays. I did eventually get a chance to work on the items and a couple bikeshed paint jobs later I am happy with the result!

I refactored my code to be even more event driven and pulled out all of the generation specific code from the Flask app and into my site's generation code - which now has a helper daemon that listens to redis pubsub events to know when a post or webmention event has happened.

Yep, I should now be able to receive webmentions and have them added to the proper post properly (don't ask how many small bugs were in the old code that basically crippled it - ugh!)

Now of course the itch list is going to grow as I now need to add edit/update, different post notes and also start adding in the fancier salmention items.

2016 is going to be fun!