New year brings new challenges

I tend to not take any holidays, just don't ever think about that stuff and with taking care of my father-in-law we never know when I will need to be away from work like when he had his gall bladder removed.

So I end up with almost all my PTO time at the end of the year and this past year was no exception: my boss basically told me that I had to take time off so I ended up spending the last 3 weeks on holiday.

My first day back tho was rather eventful for a Monday - the OSAF staff went thru a major restructuring and I found myself looking for a job. For some reason it didn't seem to be bad news to me, sure I was on the phone talking to other team members about it and wondering WTF and the usual, but I decided to take it as a chance to change things up.

I have been helping the dev team of Seesmic work out some Jabber and Atom/RSS Feed issues and was getting the feeling that I could change my part time help to full time so after dealing with the news on Monday I took Johann up on his offer and joined the Seesmic team!

I'm going to still be active with Chandler and the OSAF staff as I feel passionately about the calenderaing and open-source world as I do now for my new job.

Here's to a very eventful 2008 !!!