Twitter command-line client written in Python


10 April 2009


Removed all references to --since given that the Twitter folks saw to removing the lovely by date parameter

Replaced it with since_id so that users of pyTwerp who make repeated calls and expect only the new stuff to come across can continue to be happy and all that.

Updated copyright info

15 July 2008


Hmm, sorry to put the "see changes file for details"... but...

Please see the CHANGES.txt file for details.

6 August 2007


The big news is that Decklin Foster joined as a contributor to pyTwerp - woo!

A lot of new options were added, bugs fixed and so forth -- see CHANGES.txt for details.

New options include --since, --friends, --replies, --public and a --verbose option to control what output other than the posts is generated.

The other big change is that Twerp now used ConfigParser to parse the preferences file and the name of the file has changed from .twerp.cfg to .twerprc

31 July 2007


Working on Issues posted to the site by Decklin Foster

Issue 1 Code was using urllib2.quote() and I must have a custom version as it works for me but doesn't in a stock Python.

Applying suggested change to use urllib.encode() instead

Issue 2 Requesting friends timeline now requires auth.

Having the auth info in the headers all the time doesn't hurt so making the change to remove the auth= parameter from fetch()

Issue 3 ETag support was resulting in odd results so switching to using last modified date.

This removes the --etag parameter and replaces it with --since

25 April 2007


Initial version. jdhore on the #twitter channel ( was talking about the lack of a simple linux command line utility to post Twitter updates so I asked him what features he wanted and created pyTwerp.

Track changes at pytwerp SVN.

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