Public Projects

parsedatetime Parse human-readable date/time text.
python-twitter This library provides a pure python interface for the Twitter API.
Tenki Flask app to get the current weather; written in Python.
Ronkyuu Indieweb Webmention Library; written in Python.
Ninka IndieAuth Library; written in Python.
Kaku Flask app and a small daemon designed to manage the more dynamic requirements of a modern IndieWeb site; written in Python.
Kenkou A tool to check that a given resource is alive and valid. It can check on URLs, Certificates and also DNS entries. Written in Python.
pyTwerp Command line Twitter client written in Python.
pyweather Super simple script to retrieve your local weather report.
All of the heavy lifting is done by the pyMetar module.

Older Projects

pownceapi Library for interacting with the Pownce social messaging system using Python
PyPownce A Python library for using the Pownce website via API
This project was merged with pownceapi and removed from Google Code
twitter-filter A Jabber bot that allowed users to register search expressions and the bot would push notifications about any twitter posts that matched
No longer maintained now that twitter doesn't allow XMPP access
twitterweather Super simple script to send the local weather report to Twitter.
All of the heavy lifting is done by the pyMetar module.
tellbot 1.1 tellbot's main purpose was to announce information to an IRC channel
The goal was to create different modules that monitor events and other information sources and then announce that information to the channel. Planned options include terse/verbose settings, time announcements, tinderbox interface, bugzilla and a couple others.
dircproxy dircproxy is an IRC proxy server ("bouncer") designed for people who use IRC from lots of different workstations or clients, but wish to remain connected and see what they missed while they were away.
Francois Harvey and I adopted dircproxy from Scott James Remnant in early 2004 and have made numerious bug fixes to it.
The project is currently maintained by Francois and I haven't committed anything of use in a while :(
ListInfo Utility script to generate MailMan member information.
Currently generates output suitable for inserting as a wiki table entry.